How To Create Good Title Names

This time I’ll be explaining how to create good and catchy title names. Step one, analyze your story. There are many details which should factor into your title. What is your story about? How does it end? Is the ending good or bad? Is it a emotional story? Is it a romantically themed story? Is it a drama based story? Is it filled with gristly action sequences? What does it portray? These are few of the examples. Step two, make sure your name actually represents your back.

ex. The plot for your story:

A brilliant scientist creates a beast in hopes of destroying the world, starting with New York. However, the beast is created with a human mind and decides not to fight of the scientist. The scientist then creates another beast — careful to create it with an obedient and vicious mentality.  This time the beast obeys and tries to destroy the world. The good beast helps kill the bad beast and with the humans he finally kills the scientist.

Not a very detailed plot, but you understand. A scientists creates two monsters and they fight each other and eventually him.

What would you want to name this story?

Good: The Monsters of New York

Worse: Violent Beings

Quite a difference, right? Hope this post helped.


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