How To Express Your Style

Each writer has a different way of expressing themselves — a mix of your own voice, tone, sense of humor, and a whole lot more. Eventually your find your own experienced style, but it’ll take a lot of writing and reading. Your own private style could be simple or complex, boring or emotional.

Whatever you do, do not try to mimic another authors style. This does not mean to ignore all the famous authors, it just means create your own and unique style. There are thousands of variations of styles, all of which are 100% unique. Creating a good and flowing style is important; it defines your story as it moves along.

As long as you keep writing, your own advanced style will come up, you may not even notice it, but it will.

Try to build a strong foundation for your own writing by reading other good literature. Like I’ve said multiple times, the only way to get good at expressing your style is by knowing what styles are good.


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