How To Create Your Character: 50 Helpful Links To Recommended Articles

1. Creating a Character

2. Character Creation

3. Naming Characters & Dialogue

4. Creating Memorable Characters

5. Capturing Characters

6. Creating an Original Character

7. How to Create a Character Profile

8. How to write fiction: Andrew Miller on creating characters

9. Characterization 101: How to Create Memorable Characters

10. How to Create Believable Characters when Writing Fiction

11. How To Make Your Characters Pop Without Using Words

12. How to Create a Fictional Character from Scratch

13. For the Love of Writing: How To Create a Powerful Sacrifice

14. Creating Characters In Novels

15. Creating Dynamic Characters

16. Character Creation

17. Fiction Writing: Character Creation

18. Establishing a Fictional Character’s History

19. Fiction Writing Tips: Create Characters Your Readers Will Care About

20. Characterization

21. Name That Character: Top Ten Tips

22. How to Create Characters That Are Believable and Memorable

23. Seven Ways to Develop Compelling Characters

24. Creating Great Characters

25. Writing Adolescent Fiction/Creating your characters

26. Top 10 Questions for Creating Believable Characters

27. Deeper People: Putting Yourself into Your Characters

28. How to Make a Great Leading Character

29. Five Ways to Create Memorable, Multi-Layered Characters

30. What Will Your Character Do When Disaster Strikes?

31. Writing Character Bios

32. Writing 101: Creating Interesting Original Characters

33. How To Create Believable Characters

34. Fiction Writing: What Makes Readers Care About Your Characters?

35. 13 ways to create compelling characters

36. Making a Depressing Character Likeable

37. Writing Characters Using Conflict & Backstory

38. Fiction Writing: Creating a Character Backstory

39. Writing in the Disciplines: Character Editing and Creative Writing

40. Creating Believable Characters

41. 10 Creative Techniques For Writing Character Specific Dialogue

42. Writing Tip: Creating a Visual Character Map

43. How Writers Build Their Characters

44. How To: Create a Fictional Character

45. How To Build A Character

46. Character Development: Creative Writing

47. Creating a Character

48. Creating Believable Characters

49. Creating Strong Characters

50. How to Write A Strong Heroine

This article should hopefully save you hours of research, the above links are a hand selected and polished list of links which go to different blogger sites, where other people explain how to create a character.

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