Creative Writing

Creative Writing is particularly easy; all it requires is a flowing imagination and a will to write. Think about your story before you write, rambling can lead to a confusing and unwanted plot. Firstly, think of a solid plot. What will happen in your story? Who will the characters be? What will happen along the course of the book? Ask yourself these questions and answer them.

Here’s a quick tutorial for a short story I could write. You’d first figure out how the plot will go.

Plot: John learns he has incredibly accurate ping-pong skills. He is taken hostage by a villain who wants to use him to win games for him, and then give him the money. John uses his ping pong skills to hurt the villain, and has a police officer arrest him. John plays ping-pong and lives happily ever after.

Characters: John, man that lives in apartment in Denver. Works at a boring department store. Not very muscular, average looking.

Ralph: Dangerous villain, heavily built, crafty. Takes John and forces him to work for him, in threatening his family.

The plot, and the main characters. These are obviously underdone, just a small example of a plot and character sketching. You could always add more details if it helps, such as side plots, side characters, anything you want to help organize your story.