Why Reading Helps Writing

You can’t just become a good writer by writing a lot. You need to read good books. When I say ‘good books’, I mainly mean books that have been around for a long time, and have been written by professional authors. Read everything you can, books, labels, blogs, anything with obviously correct grammar and structure. Reading gives you the tips and tricks this blog may not be able to give you, you find all sorts of different styles of writing in books, all sorts of useful vocabulary words.

It’s important to read classics, and to avoid modern fiction. It may sound tedious or boring, but if you like writing, you like reading. I’m sure if your reading this you enjoy reading, so it shouldn’t be a problem to find all the giant dusty books and read them for hours at a time. Authors like C.S Lewis and J.RR Tolkien provide perfect environments for both fiction stories and scientifically interesting stories.

Keep reading, it majorly gives you a good sense of what not to write or what to write in your story.


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