Take your Time

Don’t rush it; rushed writing can result in lots of grammatical errors, sentences that don’t make sense, and conflicts don’t add up with the plot. You want to take your time, and write slowly, stopping now and then to review what you’ve written. This happens to a lot of over enthusiastic writers, which typically discourages them after they realize that the story doesn’t make sense. Writing is a slow business, no one can expect to ‘quickly write a book and be done with it’. Writing takes a lot of effort and thinking, as well as a good vocabulary. Just to restate this; What Happens when you Rush your Book

1. You start to forget your plot and you tend to move onto different subjects to fast, ruining the story.

2. To many things are happening at once, and things aren’t going well, because your changing the plot every five sentences.

3. A confusing plot can result in discouragement for the author. It’s stunning how the author can go from extremely over enthusiastic to bored and discouraged.

There we go again, 3, the magic number. Remember to go slow, and think about what your writing.


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