Original Plots and Titles

A large amount of authors write books based on ideas written about before, and it’s getting old. They use the same style of fiction, and the same style of “save the world”. A lot of readers get upset when they read the same book over and over again. When writing a book/story, use 100% original ideas and characters. It may make it seem harder, but the hard work will pay off once readers are awarding you for outstanding writing.

There are three requirements for keeping it original. Firstly, I recommend this blog; http://www.copyblogger.com/. They agree 3 is the magic number.

1. Find a name creator website. Get the most original names possible, and try to stay away from names with to many constants, it irritates the reader.

2. You don’t even have to write for this; just think about a story that you would want to read, but doesn’t exist. You want to keep it as original as you can. Of course most of the common plots are used daily, but it isn’t impossible to think of a plot that hasn’t been used before.

3. The Title. The hardest part of the book. If your title isn’t catchy, isn’t original, and doesn’t have to do with anything from the book, it isn’t good. Keep it simple, nothing too long.




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