Top 5 Writing Mistakes for Fictional Writers

1. Exaggeration is one of the key mistakes the majority of new authors have. Character Exaggeration is when the character never fails, and never messes up. The main character should always have problems and different settings where the character is challenged.

2. To many characters gets aggravating, and causes the story to become confusing. The reader has a hard time following the story and gets distracted with all the different plots, causing the author to lose publicity.

3. Not enough descriptions the key to making any reader annoyed. As mentioned earlier, not enough description in a book can be fatal. The main character(s) should always have a detailed explanation on what they look like, how old they are, and what their common mistake is.

4. Confusing plots result in a confused reader, and a few less recommendations for the author. All books, must have some obvious result in the end, and or a good moral.

5. Boring names, keep the names creative. Don’t randomly jot down a name, think a while and get a good name that will stick to the quality of the character. It is suggested to write the description of the character before writing the name, and then you can think of a name that fits the description!


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